Painting Wholesale Bikini of Putin lounging in lingerie seized by Russian cops
Painting Wholesale Bikini of Putin lounging in lingerie seized by Russian cops

Russian police say they lingerie china have raided an exhibition and confiscated a painting that portrayed President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev lounging together in lingerie.

Police said on Wednesday they confiscated four paintings [img src=" M/LB160161.jpg" alt="Wholesale Bikini"] Wholesale Bikini by artist Konstantin Altunin and closed down the exhibition of his work in Russia's second city of Saint Petersburg, which is set to host world leaders for the G20 summit next month.

One of the paintings confiscated shows Putin playing with Medvedev's hair. He is wearing a strappy nightie, while Medvedev has cleavage bursting out of a bra and is wearing skimpy knickers.

“We received information from a citizen that the images in the museum broke the law. Police confiscated four paintings and currently experts are examining them,” said police spokesman Vyacheslav Stepchenko.

The exhibition made explicit references to a controversial law recently passed by Putin banning promotion of homosexuality among minors, although police did not specify the legal grounds for its closure.

The law, which critics say can be used to shut down any gay rights event, has prompted a chorus of international protest and British actor Stephen Fry this month called for Russia to be deprived of the right to host the Winter Olympics in Sochi next year.

The exhibition's organizer, Alexander Donskoi, told AFP that the police had accused the small privately-owned Museum of Power of extremism, a criminal offence that carries more serious charges.

“We are accused of extremism. Police recommended us not to make a noise about this incident ahead of the G20, but it is scandalous, art has nothing to do with politics,” Donskoi said.

One of the other paintings that was confiscated showed one of the anti-gay law's most outspoken backers, St. Petersburg MP Vitaly Milonov, in front of the rainbow symbol of the international Gay Pride movement.

Milonov accompanied the police who raided the exhibition, Donskoi said.

“After visiting the exhibition a few days ago, Milonov came yesterday evening with the police. He is behind the ban on the exhibition,” he said.

The exhibition, which was titled “Leaders”, also included images of Soviet leaders Stalin and Lenin, as well as a painting showing Putin with a halo.
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Slenderella Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie Launch SS18 Nightwear Collection
Slenderella Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie Launch SS18 Nightwear Collection

Slenderella's new nightwear collection will be on show wholesale Christmas costumes at the INDX Intimate Apparel Exhibition from 6th – 8th August 2017. If you can't wait until then, we've got hot-off-the press inside look into what you'll expect.

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lingerie in China and Wholesale Bikini
Courtney lingerie in China Love and Nasty Woman Take On Vacation break Party Shower

Pertaining to the Wholesale Bikini titillation-seeking chest of drawers, there can be zero off-season. Summertime harvest shirts and cut outs give way to, well, fallcrop tops and cut-outs. In addition to the holidays, beginning with Halloween, give their own sartorial opportunities with respect to flights of fancy and risky patterns. Enter Courtney Love. (Again. ) Delight in and Vicious Gal personal followed up on January's hit 18-piece collaboration of grunged-up '90s-inspired femininity with another flower of party-ready clothes away November seventh. This time around, Delight in said, lindsay lohan required even more risks. Although aspirants for the kinderwhore tasteful should also feel comfortable: The baby young lady doll outfit is still. This [collection] still has several nostalgia, although also has type of Moulin Rougefantasy items which have been kind of extraordinary, said Take pleasure in through cellular phone coming from Seattle, citing a lace-appliquéd bodysuit as an example. You already know, it can with respect to Christmas. Cruel GalforChristmas.

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