From Underwear To Lingerie
As we go about our daily lives, a woman can hardly escape seeing advertising of sexy Face Slimming . Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood are all standard bearer of the sexy underwear's brands for women. Television, newspapers and magazines are filled with the advertisement of sexy bra's and panties. What would a woman of 100 years ago say about skimpy underwear's that are so revealing to the body, and how did we get from plain underwear's to lingerie? How did we get from a garment made to cover the body in modesty to fashionable lingerie that was designed to flaunt and be revealing?

Around the 1914, the U.S. Patent office issued a Patent to a woman name Mary P. Jacob who received a Patent for a Brasarie. The modern bra was now invented. Women of that time also wore what was often called bloomers. Plain white and shapeless would describe them. By the early 1920 the word lingerie was now appearing on the scene to refer women underwear.In 1935, systems of cup sizes were invented regarding bras. The A, B, C and D sizes that we are familiar with, so now bras were made to separate the breast in two distinct mounds that men are so fascinated by these days. There was to be no more wearing of shapeless cloth strip to hold the breast down.

At one time a famous billionaire Latex Waist Wrainer created a seamless bra for an actress to wear in one of his movies.This was a time of short skirts and mini dresses called Flapper style, and the modern woman needed something to go with the new style to spice up the view. Modern women and lingerie was now connected and on the scene.

Bra and panties were now being designed with pastel colors and with a view to mold to the body. Liberated women were here. The fashion industry was hard at work in an attempt to create lingerie for women who previously were keeping as much skin under wraps as possible. What previously worked for house cleaning and raising children no longer applied? Names like pantaloons, pantalets, bloomers, knickers, drawers, knickers bockers, camis, briefs are all names that have been applied to panties and white bloomers. Victoria Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood have made a success of marketing the modern lingerie to today's women. Knickers without style are now a thing of the past.

When the new fabric came on the markets... the new colors and short fashion of the day that was once under wear... was now a fashion that reflects the new age of the modern woman... bike cut, long legs cut, the thong, the peek-a-boo all packed and wrapped in the mystery of sex and freedom for a modern woman.So what would granny say if saw you wearing a modern panty and bra set? Would she wear it or call you a harlot or a slut. Most likely she would be scandalized by such a show of a female under wear and flesh.
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Gifts for Freida Pinto, Lola Kirke, and Zosia Mamet
yummy tummy tank On Monday night, Kate Spade got a head start to [url=][/url] the holidays with a dinner and screening of the fourth installment in the label's short film series MissAdventure, again starring Anna Kendrick and for the first time Zosia Mamet. As the title suggests, the short follows the two girls on their hijinks throughout Manhattan. At the dinner at the NoMad Hotel, Mamet and other Spade muses like Freida Pinto and her Girls co-star Lola Kirke held forth on their most surprising holiday gifts.

plus size butt lifter What is the best gift you've ever received?Today, I got the best gift of my life - a certificate to In-N-Out Burger. A family friend mailed it to me with an amethyst stone. An amethyst is known for healing addiction – so perhaps they sent it to me to help heal my In-N-Out addiction.

What is the gift that keeps on giving?Transcendental meditation. I have received it as a gift and given it as a gift to multiple people. It's the best gift ever.

Who's on top of your gift-giving list and what do you plan on giving them?Definitely my partner. I'm not sure what I'm giving him this year, but the last thing I got him was a black acoustic guitar from 1932 - now I just play it myself.

What is the most unique gift you've ever received?My dad gave me an antique ivory fisherman's knife when I was 10 that had my name inscribed into it. So half of it is an antique knife, and the other half is this tool that guts a fish. Fisherman used them in the olden days, and the fact that he gave this to me when I was 10 makes it even more special. Now it's on my bedside table.

What's at the top of your holiday wish list?Sleeping and swimming in the ocean. I'm taking a trip to Florida with a few friends, my man and my dog. I just want to be in the ocean reading books. My holiday book list includes Jamaica Inn, an Agatha Christie novel, Dave Eggers' Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and East of Eden! I've never read it - it's the stack next to my bed right now – so I guess it's more like my six-month book wish list.
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Miley Cyrus Releases "Younger Now" Music Video
yummy tummy tank Miley Cyrus is younger now — not because of some twisted Benjamin Button-esque deal she made, but because her upcoming album title says so. And in the brand new music video for the album's title track, Cyrus explains exactly what it means to age backwards.

plus size butt lifter The video, which debuted at midnight on Thursday, begins with the singer-actress, clad in a chaste white nightgown, waking up in a twin bed while singing about a more metaphorical type of awakening. It's a serene image, similar to that of the idyllic beach romp shown in Cyrus' last video, for "Malibu," but it's the only one of its kind in the "Younger Now" clip. Once she's awake, she's free to embrace her newfound youth: She channels Elvis in a red silk romper and elaborate pompadour, sports a brown button-down shirt and yellow tie to dance with a puppet, and wears a bedazzled denim jumpsuit while tiny children dressed as mimes run amok. She also rides a huge "Younger Now" float in a parade, rides what looks to be a Gravitron amusement park ride without a seatbelt and leads a group of men and women in an organized dance — à la her 2009 line dance entitled the "Hoedown Throwdown" — at what looks like a 1950s sock hop. In between these striking scenes are videos of Cyrus falling from the sky and an old woman expertly twirling around a pole as "No one stays the same" is printed across the screen.

Along with the video, Cyrus also released the cover art and track list for her Younger Now album, which will be available in full on September 29 and is already available for preorder. The cover image shows a pompadour-topped Cyrus from the back — the better to see her bedazzled "Younger Now"-emblazoned leather jacket and matching pants — standing in front of a rainbow-colored background that calls to mind album covers from the 1960s. Other tracks on the album include longing titles like "Week Without You," "Miss You So Much" and "I Would Die For You," as well as a song called "Rainbowland" that features Cyrus's godmother, Dolly Parton.

The 24-year-old has already released "Malibu" and "Inspired" from her latest album, which is the follow-up to 2013's Bangerz and 2015's Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz, an experimental album that confused critics and was released for free on Soundcloud. Younger Now, so far, appears to be a more folk- and country-tinged divergence from Cyrus's previous work, with the three singles so far all eschewing current pop music trends and showcasing her return to her small-town, pre-grinding-on-Robin-Thicke roots.
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Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie
Ultimo Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie Debuts At London Fashion Week With House Of Holland

Ultimo Lingerie has been wholesale Christmas costumes on the catwalk at London Fashion Week complementing the AW16 show from British designer Henry Holland.

The top designer corset skirts sets hand picked Ultimo as the perfect companion to his new collection after noticing a synergy between the new Ultimo bralettes and his forecasted trends for AW16 and commented that “Pairing my AW16 collection with Ultimo was a considered move, as I felt their lingerie would have a supportive presence on my runway”.

It's amazing to be supporting a fellow British brand at London Fashion Week, especially one that is so firmly established on the international fashion circuit and who shares a similar interest in producing fashion-forward designs that women can wear with confidence!”
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cheap lace lingerie
costume manufacturer London Fields 100% organic cotton printed knickers

Today's like is a beautiful summery plus size red lingerie pair of knicker that will make you squeal with joy

!Handmade in cheap lace lingerie the UK from 100% GOTS certified organic voile and 100% organic bamboo cotton the print on these knickers is inspired by Japanese koi ponds and is just gorgeous. The extra touch of two ribbons on the front adds even more interest and they could find their way into anyone's lingerie drawer with ease.

They fit from sizes 6 – 14 and are priced at £18 a pair and you can buy online from Esty Lingerie.
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